Police in the capital Lilongwe fired gunshots in the air to disperse angry chiefs who were planning a peaceful march to the National Assembly against Customary Land Bill which will see villagers paying for the land which they inherited from their ancestors.

In July this year, Parliament passed the customary Land Bill amid protest from Opposition MPs led by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, arguing that the law will leave most Malawians especially those in the village destitute.

Since then the Bill has been receiving criticisms from all corners with the latest being chiefs from Lilongwe led by Traditional Authority (T/A) Malili.

The chiefs who were 50 in total wanted to present a petition to the Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya and the demonstration was scheduled to start from Likuni.

As the said Chiefs were about to start the marching, Police arrived at the scene and stopped them, saying the marching was illegal.

Due to resistance from some Chiefs, Police fired gunshots in the air to disperse them from preceding the demonstrations.

Chiefs in the country are not happy with the said Bill, arguing that they will not have powers regarding land ownership.

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  1. I expected this to happen! This morning I was driving to my construction site in Likuni only to find a contingent of police officers along Likuni road as if the “Ngwazi”had a rally there kkkkkkk. Kuopa zoona wawa

  2. I wonder why the police has done that . We believe that the chiefs are the custodians of everything and they know what they were doing. why doing that to their ancestors.

  3. These chiefs are resistant to change because they have been benefitting from land issues. The sources of land problems in Malawi are our chiefs.


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