Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has hailed the government for arresting most wanted Rwandan genocide convict Vincent Murekezi.

Murekezi was arrested on Thursday in the capital Lilongwe after a group of concerned citizen led by Phillip Kamangira petitioned the National Assembly ordering government to immediately arrest the suspect.

In a statement made available to FaceofMalawi, CHRR Executive Director Timothy Mtambo urged government to act with speed on the extradition process.

“We commend government for arresting Rwandan genocide fugitive, Vincent Murekezi. Genocide is one such serious crime that shocks the conscience of humanity. We, thus, urge government to expedite the Murekezi extradition case.

“Such illegal immigrants could be the ones behind cases of armed robbery in the country. As a country, we need an honest, thorough and rigorous security checks on our borders to deny entry to any immigrants with suspicious criminal records,” said Mtambo.

Meanwhile Murekezi will appear in court today

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