United Democratic Front (UDF) has condemned the recent statements made against the party by Balaka North Member of Parliament (MP) Lucius Banda in the media.

In a statement made available to faceofmalawi signed by UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga said the Party is deeply shocked with Banda for being against the UDF/DPP coalition.

Ndanga said Banda, was involved in all the decisions and discussions that led to the current working relationship between the UDF party and the Democratic Progressive Party, DPP.

“Hon. Lucius Banda accepted to be leader of the UDF in parliament with the support of the party president, Rt.Hon Atupele Muluzi. It should be noted that this is not an elected position but one appointed by the leader of the party. His acceptance of the role was a clear indication of his understanding and support of the relationship with the DPP, despite his choice to remain in the opposition benches.

“The UDF as party has tolerated the increasingly disruptive and conduct of Hon.Lucius Banda, in the spirit of democracy and the core principles of our party. His continued negative comments to the media against his own party cannot further be tolerated being a member of the National Executive Committee of the party.His statements against the party and its leadership in the media have the potential to bring disunity in the party which is very unfortunate,” reads in part the statement.

He added: “The distorted perspective that he offered about the relationship between the UDF and the DPP appears to be simply cheap political advantage. Having accepted him back into the party following his foray with the People’s Party, he has no moral ground to suggest that he is more UDF that the many members who have remained loyal to the party since its inception.”

UDF has since advised Banda, to be honest and sincere remembering that he is a servant of his constituency and the party.

Banda has on several times criticized the DPP/UDF working relationship saying the relationship is only benefiting Atupele Muluzi who is also Minister of Lands and Housing.

The criticism attracted strong condemnation from Mutharika who described Banda as a misguided MP on Saturday in Mangochi.

Banda reacted by describing Mutharika as misguided and ill advised.

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