As debate continues on the social media over woman suspected to have resurrected in Mulanje after spending 20 years in the grave, the police have come on the open to reveal the identity of woman as Mercy Chibwana.

According to Mulanje Police Spokesperson Gresham Ngwira, the woman is a former form 2 student at Namulenga CDSS (Mulanje District) and she died in 1997.

“Yesterday she was following a certain lady in the district.

“The woman took her to Namulenga Police where she remained silent,” said Ngwira.

According to Ngwira, the police officers found at Namulenga Police unit referred the girl a nearby Health Center.

“Upon arrival at the hospital the girl started mentioning some people believed to be her relatives and after calling the said people they identified her through some marks on her body,” added Ngwira.

Meanwhile the girl is receiving treatment at Mulanje District Hospital.

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