By Orchestra Kamanga

Public Affairs Committee (PAC) with funding from UNDP has trained Women in Faith Peace Building Network for them to enable to help PAC in mediating conflict during and after elections.

Speaking during the official opening of a two day training vice Board Chairperson for PAC Osman Karimu said that women has crucial role to play in resolving conflict.

“Women participation in peace keeping process promotes gender equality,” he said.

Karimu observed that Women network which was established in 2014 aimed at empowering women across the country for peace building in conflicts saying women taking part helps in solving conflicts and give confidence to people.

He said as PAC they need more women to take part in mediating the conflicts saying women taking part helps in solving conflicts.

On forth coming demonstrations organized by CSO Karimu said PAC endorsed it last week by providing them with banners and placards to use during the demonstrations.

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