A 35-year-old primary school teacher in Chikwawa has been arrested for killing his friend over a debt of beer worth k1000.

Chikwawa Police Station Public Relations Officer Constable Foster Benjamin identified the deceased as Robert Getinala and the suspect as Edasi Mikano who teaches at Kaole Primary School in Chapananga area in Chikwawa.

According to the PRO, the suspect took k1000 worth of beer on credit stating that he would pay back the money once his salary gets in.

“On Thursday, Mikano went at the drinking joint within Misano village in the area of traditional authority katunga where he also met Getinala. Thereafter, Getinala asked Mikano to honour his promise by paying back the money but Mikano refused to do so”, said Constable Benjamin.

A fierce fight then erupted between the two which at the end Getinala was flogged to death.

Police were called at the scene and arrested Mikano for an offence of murder under section 209 of the penal code.

He is currently being kept in police custody as he waits to appear before court once a follow up investigation is done.


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