An angry mob has reportedly destroyed three houses belonging to a woman whose 14-year-old daughter was found with her throat cut two days after she went missing.

The news is said to have taken place in Limpopo South Africa, where an angry mob went on rampage after the victim’s burial.

Mpho Kanaka

Mpho Kanaka’s mysterious missing prompted the community to suspect that her mother had played a role in the devilish act with an aim to sell her body parts to ritual killers.

According to Daily Sun, a family member tipped the community that the girl’s mother had a hand in the death of her daughter.

All hell broke loose on Monday night after her burial had taken place on Sunday.

An angry mob went to Mpho’s house and started burning everything including two other houses belonging to the suspect.

at the scene of the incident

Lucky enough, the suspect was not killed as police rushed to the seen in time.

Limpopo area’s police spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe told news men that cases of arson and malicious damage had been opened against the perpetrators.

“People must understand that taking the law into their own hands is a serious offence.

“We condemn residents for burning three houses,” said Ngoepe.

Cases of killing one another for rituals are rampant in African countries due to poverty.

Nigeria, Mozambique and others are mostly affected by cases of killing each other with an aim to obtain wealth through rituals.


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