CC: President Arthur Peter Mutharika,
Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima,
DPP Secretary General, Jeff wa Jeff,
NGC Members,
DPP Parliamentarians,
DPP Youths and Women,
All DPP supporters and followers.

Mr. President and all those who have been copied may I have your attention.

You people mentioned above are to blame and you must know that all of you collectively are the cause of the problems which have engulfed the once mighty and united Democratic Progressive Party.

To Begin with, Mr. President Arthur Peter Mutharika, you are the biggest problem that has contributed to all this mess. As a leader you have entertained confusionist in the party long enough and gave them power to manipulate you with lies without verifying and filtering some of the information which comes your way.

You have betrayed the trust of many in DPP by sharing some great intelligence with wrong people, which in return created enemity among your soldiers.

As a leader, you have failed to manage those people in the party and wasted much time managing few personalities.

For example, Mr. President. People like George Chaponda and Francis Mphepo who you trust so much have for the past years being feeding you lies about your Vice President Saulos Chilima for they consider him as a treat, and you chose to entertain as a result there were internal fights which were not known or seen by outsiders but it was your own making.

Mr. President, you have a problem that once people provide you with intelligence, instead of acting you share that information with your wife on state and party matters, who behind your back was been groomed to take over from you as DPP leader by your chief of staff Peter Mukhito and body guard Norman Chisale. This created another gap between you and your Vice President Saulos Chilima because your wife considered your VP as another threat to her presidential ambitions.

Mr. President, your slow pace of acting is another reason DPP is in the problems which we see today, ever since you were elected into power, you have never called for an NGC meeting where people would voice their grievances, disagree, tempers flare but at the end reach a conclusion to help build the party and make it strong again. What we are seeing now, NGC members like Kaliati, Bon Kalindo, Masangwi and others turning against you is just a tip of an iceberg there there are problems in party which you failed to solve by bringing these people together and now, everyone is just waking up doing what he or she thinks is right for her and not for the party.

As a leader Mr. President, admit you have failed and the problems have reached a cancelous state but its not too late to turn the tables, there are people in DPP and surrounding you who are full of greedy and destructing than constructing.

The best you are to do now is engangening all the party’s no are concerned or have issues in a very private manner and hear them out,you need to call for NGC meeting where only you the President and the NGC members must fight and argue but reach a compromise.

You need to tame some of your assistants and advisors who are dividing DPP more instead of building it, many people are playing double standards and this is dangerous.

While 50% of your members of parliament endorsed your Presidency in public, 75 % sneaked to your VP at nice and promised their allegiance there. This is bad and this is what is killing DPP everyday and making it a laughing stock.

In case you do not know Mr. President, It is not only Kaliati, Ngumuya, Winiko, Masangwi and Ngalande who are championing for Chilima Presidency, there are people like Francis Kasaila, Obama, Aaron Sangala, Peter Kumpalume and Marison Ndau who you think are with you but they are in Chilima camp.

DPP does not need camps, DPP must be one and it is you Mr.President who can put this to an end.

Mr,President, what your assistant Bright Molande and his team are doing to instruct college students who came for a drinking spree at Sanjika, to attack your VP Chilima is another problem which is not making such squabbles end in your party.

All what is need now is for you Mr. President to engage your Vice President one one one, just the two of you and make sure what is discussed their is just between the two of you,this is the time DPP needs everyone, these camps are only diving the party and making it week.

Both your camp and Chilima camp needs to stop being arrogant and sit down soberly to reflect, DPP needs to be tolerant and have wisdom to sail through these winds.

Another thing which needs to be done Mr. President is bringing order in the party, there is need for you the President to tell anyone who belongs to DPP to stop bickering, the nonsense in press statements and conferences must stop until the two sides within the file of DPP unite.

What is bringing more anger and divisions in the party is that each camp thinks is better than the other and as a result, no amicable solution is being reached.

DPP is better of to remain as it is into the next election or risk being doomed. Some of the people close to the powers that be are just there to enrich themselves without thinking of the aftermaths of the costly mistakes being made.

People like the SG Jeff wa Jeff and other Ministers should also be disciplined, they must be careful with their hidden agendas and avoid causing more trouble in the party by backbiting.

Honorable members are becoming unhonourable and unruly which is bad for the future of DPP.

Another problem DPP has are people like Charles Mchacha the region governor for the South, the grassroots are bitter with how such people are running party affairs, the best yet to be done Mr. President was to meet the Area and district committees who are intouch with the real voters, empower them and send them to work.

Take this advice and smile or ignore it and perish.

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