It seems issues of police officers being involved in bribe activities is not only in the motherland Malawi as proved by the video clip  that has surfaced online revealing a Zambian law enforcer accepting bribe from a motorist.

at the scene

According to ZambianObserver, the date at which the video was captured is unknown only that people of Zambia are just irked with their law enforcer’s behaviors.

The video, which has been shared on social media, captures the officer collecting the money which was placed between documents. Watch the video below

In October last year, a video clip surfaced on Malawi’s social media in which three Malawi police officers were seen receiving money from a person and sharing it among themselves as a bribe.

Watch that video here also

Malawi’s social media reacted and reports later indicated that the alleged officers were discovered and they were taken for discipline.

This recent video clip is a clear indication that most of African police officers accept bribes which is likely caused due to low salaries and etc.



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