When an arm robber invaded their house and threatened to kill all the family members, a quick thinking woman was left with no option but to offer her body to the alleged thug with an aim to save her family.

picture illustrating Jane

According to Jane, a mother of two whose husband is a teacher at a school in Soweto Township in South Africa, ejaculation is every man’s weakness hence she decided to offer herself to the criminal while her husband made efforts to withdraw the criminal’s gun from his hand.

“I know that ejaculation is every man’s weakness, He threw the gun away while he nutted and my husband took it and shoot him on the shoulder”

According to online reports, husband said he was thankful for the heroic and selfless thing his wife did for their family.

“She just started seducing him and before you know it they were busy. Although I was so angry and scared I must admit I was hard at some point, It seem unreal just sitting there waiting for some guy to cum inside your wife.

“I really wish he did not impregnate her, i mean who want a little tsotsi running around their house, the husband said.

After all that drama, police arrived at the scene and arrested the criminal.

Reports claim he was taken to a nearby hospital in Soweto under police guard.

The family especially the children will receive counselling even though the family is insisting that they are fine. “We’re a very brave family, we think and act fast in every situation”. Added the husband.




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