A court in Zambia has ordered a 34-year-old man to pay K8000 fine for committing adultery with his workmate’s wife.

Senior Court Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo and Morgan Kayanika at Kanyama Local Court ordered Isaac Kaulaya to compensate Kahiru Muzimba, 32, for committing adultery with his wife, Mutinta Mwanza, 28.

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Muzimba told the court that he married Mwanza in 2014 and that the couple have one child. Dowry was paid.

He said in April this year, he was shocked to have found his workmate, Kaulaya with Mwanza naked in his matrimonial bedroom.

Muzimba added that he got Kaulaya’s clothes and took him together with Mwanza to her aunt before taking them to police.

In defence, Kaulaya said that Muzimba was his workmate but he owed him K2, 500 since February 2018.

He explained that on the material date, he phoned him to come and get the money but it was Mwanza who was communicating to him and directed him to his house.

Kaulaya added that when he reached Muzimba’s house Mwanza told him to put his bicycle inside to prevent thieves from stealing it.

Kaulaya further said that Mwanza wanted to buy talk time to call Muzimba to bring the money but shortly four men arrived and started beating him and subsequently Muzimba arrived.

Kaulaya denied being found in the bedroom but said that he was in the living room.

The court said that Mwanza confirmed that Kaulaya had been her boyfriend since January 2018 and that at first they made love in her matrimonial home while Muzimba found them red-handed the second time.

The court said Kaulaya had failed to challenge Mwanza and wondered how he put his bicycle inside the house if he only went to collect money.

Kaulaya was ordered to settle the fine through monthly instalments of K1000.

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