Pat who is currently based in Hamburg is one of the pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry, apart from acting, is also a fashion model and musician. He has been absent from the movie scene for some time now and is making huge waves in Europe with his music career.

Pat burst onto the Nollywood scene in the early 90s palying the lead character in the popular Nigerian soap, Mega Fortunes, acting as Ken. He was the star of Glamour Girls, the first ever Nollywood English movie released in 1994.

Since then, he has featured and starred in over 40 movies including Secret Fantasy, Final Spirit of Love, Fools in Love, More than Gold, Only Love and Songs of Sorrow.

Pat Ata is back in the game with a new song “Sunshine“. After so many years of silence has returned back, doing what he knows how to do best! The song is all about love, and exactly what the world needs at the moment. Enjoy it below …

Download Pat Ata – Sunshine from Apple Music

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