Blantyre’s Magistrate court has slapped Andson Alfred also known as Mesho with a 2 year jail term for his song insulting Islam.His Producer has also been sentenced to 1 year in prison.

The musician caught controversy with his latest song titled ‘Mizikiti ichoke kuti Nyama ya nkhumba idibwe’ in which he calls for the demolition of mosques and allow everyone to eat pork. In the song, Mesho also asks Muslims to go to Makkah to practice their religion.

In the song, the singer calls for the elimination of mosques from Malawian land so that people should be able to consume pork, a meat which is deemed as unclean among the Muslim community.

The singer has also attacked Christianity in which he lobbies for the removal of Seventh Day churches so that people can freely eat catfish (Mlamba) which is also unclean among the Seventh Day congregants.

Last year, the police arrested another musician identified as Mwiza Chavula for releasing a song titled ‘rape’.

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