Partners in Action for Sustainable Development (PASD ) has started an initiative to improve school feeding programme and make it sustainable.

PASD Resources mobilisation and community empowerment officer, Brown Masingati disclosed this at the end of a meeting with chiefs and villagers from Mlumbe area in Zomba district.

He said Malawi should not wait for donations every time but also look for ways of developing their own means of getting their needs.

“We want to teach villagers that we should not rely on donations every time but also think of how to help ourselves”, he said.

Masingati said they are looking forward to start feeding all their Early Childhood Development (ECD ) centres on their own from next year.

“We have rented a cultivating land and we have planted maize, ground nuts and soya beans because we want to feed all the ECD’s on our own from next year,” he said.

Masingati asked the villagers to stop relying on donations saying donors are not reliable.

He further asked them to find some things they should do for them to be financial stable.

“Donors come and go, but our problems will remain with us so we should find some thing sustainable so that even without the help from donora our families should survive. ” he said.

Responding to this development, village headman M’dumu Said he will help the organization with a field for cultivation for free.

He said what PASD has initiated is good and will help the community to have tangible development.

“I’m happy with the lesson brought by PASD, will will indeed bring tangible development to our community because we will have a sense of ownership. ” he said

He said, “I will give them a field so that they should not learnt a place to plant the crops”, he said.

PASD is working in zomba in the areas of youth empowerment, education and financial stability.

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