KENYA – Musician from Kenya Triple S is finally a free man after being released from jail for something he never thought will send him there.
The musician was arrested in 2014 after he was nabbed with printed fake money he intended to use in his video shoot and destroy later.
Speaking in a candid interview with Mambo Mseto, the singer said plain clothes police officers ambushed his video shoot set following a tip off from someone who claimed he made the fake money with intention to distribute it upon completion of the shoot. However, according to Triple S, indeed he had printed the money but just to use in his video and was going to burn the bootleg later.
‘It was in 2014 and had planned to shoot my video in Narok. The script needed us to have a lot of hard cash, which we did not have, so I took a one thousand note and photocopied it, I got like KSh 200,000 pieces. I just wanted to use the fake money on the video then I would burn them later. But as it turned out, I had not followed the right procedure to do what I did,” he said.
”Police arrived while we were shooting the second scene and arrested everyone. I am the one who was jailed because I decided to carry the responsibility, it was my video after all,” he added.
The musician was whisked to Narok Police station after which he was sentenced to three years in prison. However, he was released after serving his time and is now back in the music industry trying to fight for his position.
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