First discount House (FDH) has handed over a K14 million house to Marieta Samuel who had her hands chopped of by her husband in Dowa district.

Managing Director for FDH, William Mpinganjira handed over the house to Marieta on Saturday.

In his remarks Mpinganjira said FDH takes keen interest in the welfare of Malawians.

He added that the development is part of the Bank’s social corporate responsibility.

“Our group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Thom Mpinganjira took interest in her case as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio and have assisted her in various ways over the past years,” he said.

He added that it has been the desire of the company to help Marieta grow without being limited with the challenge she faced.

“We wanted Marieta to be able to grow without being limited by the predicament she met,” Mpinganjira added.

He continued saying that they have helped Marieta in different ways including seeking medical attention.

Expressing her gratitude Marieta said the house is a lifetime gift.

“I am grateful to FDH Bank. This house will improve my livelihood in ways I never thought can be possible. This is a gift of a lifetime. Thank you FDH for supporting me in many ways that you do,” thanked Marieta.

FDH has constructed the house in partnership with Nile Construction Company led by Christopher Mnemba. 374400.�~�N

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