The world remembers 13th June as the International Albinism Awareness Day.

As Malawi joins the rest of the world on this day, let us not forget the social injustice faced by people with albinism in this country.

Persons with albinism are often the subjected to multiple forms of discrimination and stigma.

They are misunderstood and are inflicted with psychological as well as emotional abuse fueled by cultural myths and superstitions that that not only threatens their well being but endanger their very existence.

It is time for Young People, to rise up and speak out against the social evils against persons with albinism.

Far and above speaking out, let us take action to bring awareness in communities, that persons with albinism need to be loved and protected, when fighting social injustice, when advocating for social inclusion and meaningful youth participation remember the cause of minority groups such as persons with albinism.

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