Chitipa First Grade Magistrate Court has sentenced a 20 year old man to four years Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL), house breaking and theft.

The Court heard through State Prosecutor Leonard Chabwera that on May 25, 2019, Weston Silubwe broke into a house belonging to a Pastor in Chisankhwa village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mwaulambya in the district and went away with clothes.

“Silubwe broke into the house around 10 am in the morning after the owner of the house had gone for a church service. He managed to get away with three pairs of trousers, two boxer shorts and some child clothing,” Chabwera said.

According to the Prosecutor, the pastor saw the suspect later wearing the stolen clothes and when he quizzed him where he had acquired them, the convict run away.

The Pastor called for help from the villagers who apprehended him.

Silubwe pleaded guilty to the charges of house breaking and theft, which is contrary to section 278 of the penal code and the state prosecutor asked the court to hand out a stiffer punishment in order to deter would be offenders.

In mitigation, Silubwe begged the court for leniency saying he looks after his father who is suffering from stroke.

Chitipa First Grade Magistrate, Julius Kalambo said the Silubwe need to give a stiff punishment arguing that theft crimes have been on the increase in the district.

“House breaking and theft are serious offences and therefore the punishment should set an example to others out there having the same mindset of committing such acts,” he said.

Kalambo sentenced the convict to 12 months and 48 months IHL on the two charges of theft and housebreaking respectively.

Weston Silubwe hails from Chisankhwa Village in the area of Traditional (TA) Mwaulambya in Chitipa district.

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