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Meet Poet Sylvester Kalizang’oma, First Malawian Poet to Release a DVD

Poet Kalizang'oma

By Orchestra Kamanga

Born 39 years ago in the Village Headman Nthiwatiwa in Traditional Authority Ndindi in Salima District, Sylvester Kaling’oma started reciting poems while in Primary School.

Poet Kalizang’oma

Speaking in an interview, the renowned poet and play writer Kalizang’oma who is fame ‘Unkalindanji Moyo” poetry said he ventured into poetry industry because the country language is good and you can describe a woman six times than other languages.

“I was born in Zimbabwe and parents used to do business from Zimbabwe to Malawi so myself I wanted to learn Malawian language. I use poetry to communicate to people in the country,” said the father of a daughter Michelle Melinda Kalizang’oma .

He further said while in Primary school, he used to recite poems from other writers and people appreciated his skills and because of that encouragement he wanted to be professional writer.

Kalizang’oma also said he takes time to release poems so that people should understand much better before coming up with another poem.

He added he took a ten year break.

“I released my first audio poetry album in 2010 and DVD in 2015 with 16 tracks which include ‘Kandibweresele Mkazi’, ‘Mwapasa satana Nsembe’ Unkalindanji Moyo, and ‘a land Lord”.

He said before the end of this year he will release his second album and urged all Poets to be professional writers and that they must not use the same theme copying from other poets.

“My Hobbies are singing, listening to secular and gospel music, Writing and composing songs, Poems and Play writing,” said the husband to Joyce Kalizang’oma.

His favorite food is modern food (Rice with chicken) or Chips with fried eggs and his happiest day is when he recited a poem in front of late President Bingu wa Mutharika on his birthday and his saddest Moment is when his mother died.



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