With its traditions, crafts, and old culture, Malawi just may be Africa’s friendliest nation. The country also boasts stunning hotels, broad blue lakes, high mountain peaks, and legal gambling facilities. In fact, Malawi is likely the next big thing when it comes to gambling and tourism. Many countries these days impose strict policies when it comes to gambling and there are less than a handful of places where people can go and enjoy gambling in a brick and mortar casino, just like in the old days.

However, both residents and tourists in Malawi are free to gamble at the best online casinos worldwide found on the likes of www.bestcasinosites.net. Before we look further at online casinos in the country, let’s begin by looking at gambling at Malawai on a broader scale. There are various gambling laws around the world, with each country imposing regulations or laws regarding its activities. Among the more typical ones are country restrictions and age restrictions but there remain some extremely weird laws in some countries and regions when it comes to gambling.

Strange laws

In Oklahoma, USA, for example, it’s illegal for women to gamble in lingerie, in just a towel, or just plain nude. While that may sound strange, the very same sate prohibits train conductors from gambling. If they’re caught, they’re found in breach of their employment contract. In Greece, it’s against the law to play electronic games in Internet cafes, and in Belgium, you’re breaking the law if you gamble at a home poker game.

Fortunately, it’s legal to gamble in Malawi. That’s been the case since its Gaming Act of 1996, which established that Malawi Gambling Board. The board was responsible for overseeing gambling operations and issuing licenses, among other things.

There are two cities in Malawi that offer gambling facilities. Pirates Casino is Malawi’s largest casino. Pirates, which is situated in Lilongwe, has nine table games and 100 video poker and gaming machines.

No restrictions for online gambling

When it comes to online gambling in Malawi, there are no current regulations in place. This means that anyone in Malawi can play their favourite games on the Web. Essentially, that means anyone who lives in this beautiful country, along with those enjoying it as a tourist, can benefit from the excitement and pleasure that comes with online gambling.

As Malawi has a low GDP per capita, the Internet is still regarded as being something of a luxury here, with only approximately 10 per cent of the country being able to go online. While most network operators, such as G-Mobile, TNM, and Airtel Africa, are investing in telecom infrastructure, this service is simply unaffordable for the majority of the country’s residents. The 10 per cent of the 18 million residents won’t all be gamblers, either.

The fact that only a small percentage of the Malawi population have Internet access and that a large number of people experiencing poverty, there are two major reasons for there not being any online casinos actually based in the country. The fact that online gambling isn’t illegal here, however, means that its residents can access a multitude of online casinos from all over the world. The purpose of a license is to authorise an online casino so that they can establish that it’s safe to play at and to process consumer data. The authorities in Malawi, however, would rather stay out of this, so players have to make their own decision.

Fast-growing industry

Gambling is an industry that’s growing fast in Malawi, which provides the country with the opportunity to become a gambling powerhouse of tomorrow. With its stunning scenery and incredible nature, there exists some wonderful opportunities for visitors to have an unforgettable experience in Malawi. Aside from gambling, there are some fantastic experiences and activities to enjoy. For example, the natural wonder of Mulanje Mountain, South Central Africa’s highest point. 

Malawi also provides a unique opportunity to enjoy tea tasting, along with some intriguing cuisines. No matter what you like to do as a tourist, Malawi is a stunning country with no shortage of friendly and interesting people, and a lot of unique localities. And, of course, providing you have Internet access there, there’s always the opportunity to play at the best online casinos in the world.

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