Apostle Stanley Ndovi of Living Waters denies being founder of Interfaith Forum for Peace, Justice and Dialogue

The Living Waters Church (LCW) has come out of the cocoon to trash rumours hovering on the social media that Apostle Stanly Ndovie is the founder of Interfaith Forum for Peace, Justice and Dialogue, a newly formed group aimed at resolving the ongoing political disputes.

Some church leaders led by Bishop Malasa and Bishop Bvumbwe have formed a grouping called Forum for Peace, Justice and Dialogue which its aim is to resolving the ongoing political disputes over the outcome of the May 21 polls.

But the letter addressed to LCW members signed by the Church’s Secretary General Dr. Diston Store Chiweza has denied being part of the grouping.

“Living Waters Church International would like to advise that the Board of Trustees of the church, as well as the President of the Church, Apostle Dr. Stanly Ndovie, is not party to the said forum. Neither the Trustees of the church nor the President of the church (who is currently on a long missionary trip outside Malawi) received any communication about the forum or intentions to form the forum or an invitation to attend any meeting of the said forum,” reads in part the statement.

Chiweza further said the church is nonpartisan.

On its part, SDA President Pastor Frackson Kuyama asked to have his name removed from the forum signatories despite agreeing to dialogue for peace considering the situation in Malawi.

“…The Seventh-Day Adventist Church has laid down procedures when it comes to belonging to such groupings. There is our higher Office based outside Malawi that is consulted by the one in Malawi for approval in order to join such groupings,” Kuyama said.

The SDA pastor said he needed to consult before they hastily pit his name and denomination on the forum.

More details to come…

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