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Mwanamveka Talks on False Speculation About the Kwacha

Joseph Mwanamveka

By Robert Kumwenda

Finance and Economic Minister Joseph Mwanamveka has warned people who are speculating bad news about the Kwacha’s current situation.

Joseph Mwanamveka

He said this during a pre-budget consultation meeting on Friday in Blantyre.

Mwanamveka said as government, they are focusing on growth to reduce poverty and he said they will continue mobilizing local resources and foreign resources.

“We are going to create enabling environment for the private sector to make sure that they make business,” he said.

He said they have received forty million dollars from the World Bank and thirty million dollars from the Chinese government and in some week’s time they are expecting to sign other donor support from other donors saying this is all because the donors have confidence with the government.

The donor community is happy with the way we are managing our economy and we will try to bring fiscal discipline

The Finance Minister said it is the wish of the government to make sure that government money is used properly.

“We will make sure that there is finance prudence, reduce debts, find ways of reducing unemployment and we will talk with the Reserve Bank to reduce interest to micro-institutions






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