South Africans were left with different views on a viral video which shows a man stealing food from the back of a car. gathered the incident takes place in broad daylight but it was not revealed where it happened. Twitter user, @Annie_Modiba, posted the footage online. Take a look at the video here >> Video
South Africans did not condone the man’s behaviour but many felt it just goes to show the extent people will go to just to eat.
Other social media users were just baffled by the people who filmed the incident instead of helping or notifying the driver of what was happening.
Twitter user, @PercyLiner, commented: “That is why crime is so high in SA, instead of people taking action they’re enjoying the show.”
Another tweep, @MtshaliLethu, wrote: “I hope the people who are laughing in the video keep the same energy when someone steals from them.”

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