Could the problem of us Africans and Malawians in general not being able to achieve sustainable development be down to the fact of how we raise our children? Does this dependency syndrome and the failure to face our problems by ourselves but rather run to others stem from the fact that our children are pampered too much and are not taught to stand on their own at an early age. Here is just a small example of how youth in the England are afforded their freedom and forced to support themselves at a much earlier age then their Malawian counterparts.

Madonna and her son (David Banda)

Life in England is full of experiences, variety people find jobs at the age of 15, start leaving by themselves when they are 15 and half, whilst  still finishing school and working at the same time. It’s not easy but they make it in life, don’t depend on anyone but themselves, and by at the age of 17 they have gotten their priorities straight, paying their own rent, bills, buying food. By 17 and half they are mature enough to budget on the bills and having fun, like clubbing, drinking, cinemas and shopping. For most ladies they are actually independent by the age of 16 years old, some teenagers do get pregnant but still go to work and school until they finish. Everyone works hard, because you can’t make it in life if you are lazy. Every pregnant woman has a right to finish her secondary school, college or university no matter how big they are. Everyone has their rights on how to live their lives, it just depends how u choose to live your life

By Kisha Nkhoma

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