President Prof Bingu Wa Mutharika African Dream from Poverty to Prosperity book was auctioned at a whooping MK 2,500,000.00 by a man of Asian origin.
The auction for the book had initially started at MK100, 000.00 with bidders raising the stakes up until they couldn’t bid anymore.
The book was autographed by His Excellency and lives to be a great memory for the highest bidder.
During the pledge of the book, the grand marquee went into cheers and jeers when retired politician Gwanda Chakuamba pledged to buy The African Dream from Poverty to Prosperity at a MK100, 000.00. It was however not known as to whether the cheers were an honest gesture or just mere mockery for the grey haired Lower Shire man.

The event just like any other overrated function, it never felt short of drama and the many lighter moments.
It all started with one MC who maybe because of having such a huge appetite failed himself by mispronouncing steam fried rice for ‘steam flied lice’ sending a good sect of the audience into laughter. As rounds of whisky, overmeers, took the better part, brainwashing people’s beveraged minds real characters started to emerge.
The after party saw a couple of performances from Joseph Tembo and Nophiya Band, Joseph Nkasa.
However, it was Nkasa who enjoyed a great audience on the dance floor with the first couple taking on stage as he ditched pieces like Mose wa lero, mwamuona bwanji mtsogoleri, pincode before taking the crowd into a gospel medley ndidzakuyamikani mulungu wanga.

Final analysis of the whole event would be a success however such sober events are sometimes over taken by the inability and short sightedness of failing to distinguish from a party function to a public function.
Otherwise; Happy birthday Mr. President.

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