In the on- going saga between the University of Malawi and the Inspector General (I.G) of the Malawi Police Service, which has spilled over to the Government, the employer has effective from today 1st April 2011 froze salaries for all the Lecturers that have been taking part in the ongoing strike regarding the issue of ‘educational rights’, according to reports by ZODIAK RADIO STATION.

This follows the firing of three Chancellor College lecturers, Dr. J. Kabwila Kapasula, Garton Kamzazera and MR. Amin. The trio was fired for taking a tough stand against their educational rights circus.

In an earlier interview with one of the local radio stations, the eloquent Dr. J Kabwila Kapasula said that the firing was something she expected with regards to the spell of events that have been taking place , she however reaffirmed her fight for educational rights, “firing Kabwila Kapasula will not solve not even a thing” she was quoted.
Many quarters believe that Dr. Kapasula was fired for taking a firm stand against the issue of educational rights which the Government misinterpreted as rudeness.

However, on the other hand it is it is the students and parents that are feeling the pinch of such arrogance. Neither the lecturers nor the Government will lose a thing regarding such direction and decisions.

It is yet not known as to what and how the concerned lecturers will respond to such a move, but one likely thing that is for sure is but an injunction.

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