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Hello, Rob here.

In July, 4 members of staff, 7 students and myself from Mellow Lane School are travelling to Malawi for 9 days to build a house for a family living in extreme poverty.

The trip will be life changing for us all, introducing us to a new culture, a new way of living and above all else, show us just how lucky we are. We have such a dedicated team, putting everything we can into fundraising. So far we have organised a talent show, set up individual fundraisers, and are planning to contact other local schools, put on a Bollywood night at our school and organise a quiz, thanks to the team’s contacts… all to go towards the group funding.

I, myself, will be doing a 15-20 mile walk in mid-April hopefully with a group of friends, this money will go towards the money I have to raise by myself.

This is the school’s third trip with HfH, and fundraising is a LOT harder now, what with government cuts and that, and it is in jeopardy of not going ahead.

The money raised will go towards
– Accommodation and travel for all of us going
– Resources for the house
– Employing a local builder

I’ll be grateful for ANY help/contributions, if you cannot donate yourself please promote what we are doing to family and friends, or perhaps business contacts, every little helps.

You can find the full Mellow Lane team here, along with pictures from last year’s trip –> http://www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk/Page.aspx?pid=600&frtid=33

Robert Pask 🙂

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