So by now you must have surely wondered what Kuvina stands for? I mean, besides kids plus art equals life for Malawi. I’m talking about the funny sounding word itself, Kuvina? For starters it’s Chichewa, the native Malawian language, and it means “to dance.” Now dancing is a relatively foreign concept to me, but the people of Malawi love, and I mean really love, to dance.  So what better reason for dancing can there be then a clean water well in a village that desperately needs it? You see a well improves their lives in so many ways that when one is dug and they hit water, the entire village gathers around to sing and dance in celebration, hence the name Kuvina.

Now you might be thinking that mere children’s art does not match your upscale orange county contemporary design. You are wrong. I took a look at some of the stuff the kids are making and it is pretty impressive. Okay, there were a couple of Africa’s that looked more like Australia’s but most of the stuff was really good, far better than I can do, even at this age.

In fact, last year I went to Kuvina and was outbid on a couple of pieces of art. I finally won a wooden plaque painted with the shape of Africa on it. It’s really good and the colors actually fit well in our living room. I have it up on a shelf where everyone can see it. That way, every day, I think about Malawi and the people there. That way, when we have company over, and they ask about it I explain to them what Kuvina is and how the money went to dig a well in Malawi. Sometimes I even shamelessly try to use to impress chicks, and once every so often, when nobody is looking, I gather in my living room and dance in celebration.


Source : Kuniva.Org


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