I am counting the days now! I leave for Malawi in 5 weeks from today! So, I am really starting to count down…one thing you can always count on is that time will go by!!

Have had a couple new experiences with the bike lately; I fell off when I was at the Cape…thought I could ride through some sand, but couldn’t. I didn’t get my feet out of the pedals until I was on the ground – the bike was in the air! That was wierd! I rode yesterday, and while I was on the way home realized my tire was low…it was really low, but I couldn’t find anything in the tire! I tried to pump it up, but it is really difficult using a hand pump! Fortunately Stephen was in the area and came and filled the tire; it held until I got home! It must have a slow leak! I really have to learn how to change my tires…

Well, I have put 325 miles on my new bike…I am loving it!! At the flea market yesterday, I rode my bike there, and one person asked if it was for sale and another one just stood and admired it!! I felt very proud!

Well, the fundraising continues…need to send out a few more letters and get myself down to the local radio and t.v. stations!! Need some more publicity and try to raise some more money!!

All for now…


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