VISA-FREE Country List


Here is a list of countries that you may not have a problem getting a Visa to stay there. Malawi make this list too. But please check with that countries embassy before departing on your trip

visas Country / Region:


? Thailand

period: 15 days

Cost: 1000 baht

ports available: Airport

? Cambodia

period: 30 days

Fee: $ 20

available ports: airports, land

? Laos

period: 15 days

Cost: $ 30

available ports: airports, land

? Nepal

period: 60 days or 150 days (multiple-entry)

Cost: Free

available ports: airports, land

? Indonesia

period: 7 days ($ 10) or 30 days ($ 25)

cost: more than

ports available: Airport

? Malaysia

period: 14 days

Fee: RM 51

available ports: Kuala Lumpur International Airport or Sultan Abu Bakar Complex, Johor

limitations: It is said that at least two peers (a single tourist visa on arrival you get off?)

? Maldives

period: 30 days

Cost: Free

ports available: Airport

? Sri Lanka

period: 30 days

Cost: Free

ports available: Airport


? Egypt

period: 14 days

Cost: Free

ports available: Airport

? Madagascar MADAGASCAR

period: 90 days

fee: MGA 28,000

ports available: Airport

(said strongly recommended prior visa, visa on arrival was tried it?)

? Mozambique MOZAMBIQUE

period: 30 days

Cost: $ 25

ports available: Airport

? Kenya KENYA

period: 3 months

Cost: $ 50

ports available: Airport

? Tanzania TANZANIA

period: 3 months

Cost: $ 50

ports available: Airport, Kenya / Tanzania border

? Sierra Leone SIERRA LEONE

period: 30 days

Cost: $ 40

ports available: Airport

? Togo TOGO

period: 7 days

Cost: Free

ports available: Airport

(said to not issue visas on the spot, but take your passport to the police station the next day to take their own)

? Uganda UGANDA

period: until you are satisfied

Cost: $ 30 (students $ 20)

ports available: Airport

? Ethiopia ETHIOPIA

period: 3 months

Cost: $ 40

ports available: Airport


? Dominica DOMINICA

21 ?

? Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and Grenadines


? Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands

30 ?



3 months

? Seychelles SEYCHELLES

1 month

Hong Kong articles:

1, flying from abroad in Hong Kong, holding a passport to enter Hong Kong directly, can be 7 days.

2, holding valid visas and foreign air tickets, passport holders can enter Hong Kong from the mainland, can be 7 days.

3, without a visa to go abroad?

-way permit holders from mainland China into Hong Kong, and then exit from Hong Kong passport, visa to fly to the destination country.

certainly return home directly from the country of destination or back to Hong Kong, how to enter Hong Kong from the destination country see section 1 above.

The reason is that the border without a visa will not let you leave the mainland, but Hong Kong does not have this restriction. But recently it was said that no visa can also exit from the Lo Wu Control Point, if this is the case then it is great.

specials (owned by other countries for travel visa Friends):

have a Japanese visa (multiple entry):

South Korea visa for 30 days, Saipan visa-free for 30 days.

has a Schengen visa (multiple entry):

* Swiss visa for three months, Saipan visa-free for 30 days.

global Chinese passport-free VISA VISA and landing Raiders ZT

basically some Asian countries. Some have heard is simply rice. But expensive. It is said that foreigners often come to China visa fee is 800 yuan. Even balance point of the heart.

Chinese passport, is considered one of the world’s garbage passport, visa-free access to the world’s only less than 20 countries, ranking only before in Pakistan and Bangladesh, have to say that China’s great power status with the serious discrepancies. Love to travel and how we have our advantages, as far as possible all over the world is not a headache?

Typically, the closeness between countries according to economic and trade exchanges between the two countries to travel into the treatment can be divided into the following levels:

A, visa, that is, from one country to another country without a visa can stay for 7 days to 6 months. Usually bilateral.

B, visas, that is, from one country to another country without a visa, but need to apply for entry permits to the airport, usually unilateral.

C, Visa, from one country to another country requires a visa, because diplomatic relations between the countries into the visa situation and civil exchange of easy classes, etc. tightened visa policy.

the same time, some governments to increase national income, will adopt different policies they need to attract travelers. If the Russian government decided to free the Chinese group tourists visas. In China, due to passport into the public, private passports and diplomatic passports, because of the public and diplomatic passport holders passport holders have great freedom to travel solely to a lot of countries have visa or landing visa. Unfortunately, the private passport holders of ordinary citizens can enjoy the treatment of second-class citizens.

visa-free countries / regions:

A, Andorra (ANDORRA), that between France and Spain in a small country without a visa need. That is the Chinese private passport holders visa-free countries. Unfortunately, because the pocket is too small a small country , there is no international airport, the Chinese tourists need to immigration from France or Spain. Although the visa, but unfortunately the Schengen visa to France or the West a little difficult. Andorra was also the same situation with China is the country’s San Marino ( SAN MARINO), the need for entry Schengen visa can only be from Italy.

B, Aruba (ARUBA), visa-free for 14 days. Most Chinese tourists may not know this unheard of small countries will unilaterally give Chinese passport holders visa-free access to two weeks of treatment. However, such treatment is almost to every country. If in addition to the citizens of Afghanistan or Bangladesh and refugees can not enjoy the benefits.

C, Benin (BENIN), the relationship between China and African countries is still not bad. However, most Chinese citizens only take care of Benin, Benin, China passport holders can be at least 3 months without a visa .

D, Cook Islands (COOK ISLANDS), 31 days, very good. Unfortunately, the Cook Islands and most of the world there is no direct flights between the Chinese tourists want to go there was to spend a lot of thought.

E, Dominican Republic (DOMINICA), not the Dominican Republic, two countries are different. Round-trip ticket allows you to visa-free stay for 21 days. However, having said that, go there, or quite easy.

F, Macau (MACAU), flying from Macau or through a third country (including Hong Kong) to Macau apply. Just change the period from 30 days to 21 days, do the Chinese people in China, where people have to much discrimination?

G, Maldives (MALDIVES), Duff is in fact Malta visa, but the 30-day visa on arrival is free of charge, so the worm to go to the visa category. Extension of stay in the Maldives can , but need at least 3 days in immigration applications, can delay up to 90 days to spend MVR750 .-

H, Mauritius (MAURITUS), the Indian Ocean Pearl, for the purpose of visiting Chinese tourist passport holders visa-free to be 15 days.

I, Micronesian (MICRONESIA), a visa issued on arrival, can stay for 30 days.

J, Nepal (NEPAL), South Asian countries, Nepal is the most emotional of China, Chinese tourists visa is no charge., And visa same. Generally can stay for 30 days.

K, Samoa (SAMOA), can stay 60 days visa issued on arrival. But before going or take a look at the world map, look for the location, and then think about how to fly to reach it.

L, Seychelles (SEYCHELLES), a very beautiful resort, you can stay 30 days visa issued on arrival, but the need for the hotel reservation form, a return ticket, and $ 150 minimum fee per day requirements.

M, Solomon Islands (SOLOMON ISLANDS), visitor permit (VISITORS PERMIT) is issued on arrival, you can stay for three months.

N, Sri Lanka (SRI LANKA), but Sri Lankan Airlines has recently attracted the attention of many tourists, travelers low fares into China from Beijing to Bangkok, Maldives and Sri Frank preferred airline Sri Lanka is also very friendly and Chinese residents, go travel, you can stay for 30 days.

O, Syria (SYRIA), no visa fee, but is required for the purpose of tourism and travel through Syria, organization or company’s individual or group travel book (preferably groups go hand in hand), plus the sponsor (you book a tour of the local tourism organization or company) at the airport holding company’s travel reservation list at the airport shuttle. It seems not 100% trust.

P, Turks and Caicos (TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS), you are if you ask me what country it is, I really do not know, is a small Caribbean country. Visa-free stay for 30 days.

Q, Tuvalu (TUVALU), arrived in one month can get an entry visa.

R, Waniu Figure (VANUATU), how the net is that these small countries still care for Chinese citizens . Visa-free access, residence time can be checked by the local immigration officials to decide. Super freedom of small nations.

S, Egypt (EGYPT), Egyptian visa policy is very strict. But there are loopholes. If you enter from the southern Sinai Peninsula, from Sham El Sheik, Tabu or Sant Katherine Airport into Egypt, and to ensure that no areas outside the Sinai Peninsula, is the 14 days visa-free treatment. – In order to attract holiday off it!

T, Russia (RUSSIA), the team visitors Only Oh!

to more countries need to maintain a certain amount of funds needed for travel, and leave the country after confirmation of tickets and the right travel documents (passport or can be to a third country visa and tickets, or the immigration officer can prevent you from entering.

visas Country / Region:

A, Bahrain (BAHRAIN), Bahrain is very special, in the Gulf region really is a small country, in order to develop tourism and air transport industry is indeed moving a lot of brains (can not eat oil wow life), Now many competitors in the Gulf region. Chinese citizens can apply for visa on arrival and transit sign. When the transit time of more than 8 hours, or by land to Saudi Arabia, the Bay Bridge (with Saudi visas) can receive 24-hour transit visa. Of course, if immigration officials are satisfied with your arrangement, 72 hours is also possible, but to charge 10 pounds of Bahrain, about 27 US dollars. Meanwhile, the 7-day visa (need to apply) to spend about $ 40. 14-day visa on arrival is also feasible.

*** For the latest visa arrangements, you can apply for E visas. Web site address is, need to apply before you travel. Chinese citizens can stay up to 14 days. You can apply online and pay online. But the visa within 30 days to use the visa review time is within 72 hours. Period to stay in Bahrain Manama after the GDNPR office for an extension. Note that, leaving Bahrain travel ticket and sufficient funds is essential.

the same time on the 14-day tourist or business visa, the cost is 5 pounds of Bahrain, about 13-14 US dollars. Can be extended up to two weeks. However, only in single women and families traveling together, or older than 40 can enter the country. ***

B, Bangladesh (BANGLADESH), if for business reasons (study tours also forget it!) and holds the company or government agency Bangladesh invitation, is the airport in Bangladesh visa application, and can be stay 30 days.

C, Cambodia (CAMBODIA), 20 dollars, visa,throwback NBA jerseys, stay a month.

D, Cuba (CUBA), if you can have your private passport and more on a with black race and other countries.

E, Ereli Teli A (ERITREA), the country I do not understand. Chinese citizens and other citizens can get a one month visa can be extended for two months. However, the need to have a local sponsor, and to notify the authorities 48 hours.

F, Ethiopia (ETHIOPIA), the country we are not very familiar with it. $ 40, can travel visa on arrival.

G, Georgia (GEORGIA), transit visa, you can stay three days, from $ 5 to $ 15 range. Visas on arrival, from $ 10 to $ 200 range, look at your application to stay the number of days.

H, Indonesia (INDONISIA), 10 ?? stay for 7 days, $ 25 up to 30 days. The nation’s major international airports can apply.

I, Iran (IRAN), from Iran’s five international airports can be $ 50 to buy into a 7-day visa, peers need only $ 10 per person. The so-called group discount it.

J, Jordan (JORDAN), and if you are a travel agency or travel agency in Jordan organized team or individual travel tour, or take a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight, the King Airport (AMM) and Queen’s Airport ( AQJ) can apply for visa on arrival of. 10 Jordan currency per person.

K, Kazakhstan (KAZAKHSTAN), 30 dollars a week, $ 140 a month, but need 7 days to 14 apply to the authorities in advance, said at the airport, there are serious delays, the efficiency is very , very low. Strongly recommended to run a visa to go.

L, Kenya (KENYA), with at least $ 500 if you can apply for transit visa ($ 20), or landing a three-month tourist visa ($ 50).

M, Kuwait (KUWAIT), 3-month visa, the cost KWD3 .-

N, Lao PDR (LAOS), 15-day visa, $ 20. But the country’s entry requirements information, said you need from a country without diplomatic mission arrived in Laos. So, from Thailand or China, even Vietnam to Laos should all do not meet the visa requirements. However, many of my friends say this provision seems to be a

O, Lebanon (LEBANON), 48-hour transit visa, free of charge; 1 month single-entry visa, free of charge; three months, single, LBP50, 000 .-; 3 months several times, LBP100, 000. Wartime state, good to go, but backpackers can try their courage.

P, Liberia (LIBERIA), if not from a foreign institution’s country of Liberia began to travel to this country, can apply for visa, but the airline’s airport manager in Liberia needs to be prior notice (but this airlines do).

Q, Lithuania (LITHUANIA), if you submitted an application in advance, is landing visa for 10 days. Once Lithuania joined the EU but, this policy should be canceled.

R, Madagascar (MADAGASGAR), 90-day visa on arrival, MGA28, 000. Do not be intimidated by numbers, into dollars or small.

S, Malawi (MALAWI), from LILONGWE (Li dragon) at the Airport in Malawi, can apply for visa on arrival.

T, Malaysia (MALAYSIA), a Chinese tourists going through the trough, Malaysia has recognized the need for China and India, most tourists concern: None HUSSLE visa! RM 100 can stay up to 30 days. However, when we can visa? So fellow citizens do not give up! Meanwhile, Malaysia has 120 hours of transit visa, described later. The cruise ride transit in Malaysia (such as Star Cruises, Singapore – Phuket – Singapore – Malaysia – Singapore’s sailing trip) , but also without a visa, and Malaysia to develop the tourism industry, cruise passengers are usually given a visa or visa-free package.

U, Mozambique (MOZAMBIQUE), 30-day visa on arrival, $ 25, can be extended up to 60 days, ranging from 10-13 US dollars.

V, Pakistan (PAKISTAN ), for commercial purposes in Pakistan can apply for 30 days visa on arrival. Chinese citizens and Japanese citizens are free. But the need to have your country of residence of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (CC & I) a letter of recommendation, or by the Pakistan Trade Commission or the agency recommended the invitation of business organization, or by the Pakistan Investor Consular of Board of Investment issued by the invitation. And Bangladesh, almost. Bugs are common citizens, will not go to those places, unless someday they began to really respect our Chinese visitors.

W, Palau (PALAU ISLANDS), can apply for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days visa on arrival, delay $ 50 each.

X, Qatar (QATAR), and Bahrain in the competition, but also to host the Asian Games, lived in by the hotel 24 hours before arrival warranty, you can stay 14 days, QAR55 .- (25 cards per peer partner).

Y, Sao Tome and Prince ratio (SAN TOME & PRINCIPE), guaranteed by the airlines can stay a month, 50 or 60 dollars is not very clear when it received $ 50 charge when the 60 dollars.

Z, Tanzania (TANZANIA), 50 ?? visa. However, there may need to pay a deposit oh. Unknown number. Thanks to the entry decision.

AB, Thailand (THAILAND), I believe many people have applied for. 1,000 baht can stay 15 days, if no photo, you can live according to, 170 baht.

CD, East Timor (TIMOR LESTE), 30-day visa, $ 30. If you want an extension, can be extended up to 90 days, $ 1 a day.

EF, Uganda (UGANDA), hey, that name has not known the feeling. Crossing sign $ 15. Single ground sign $ 30. Students receive a discount oh, $ 20. If you want to stay a little longer, $ 80 can stay for six months, $ 160 you can stay for one year.

GH, Djibouti (DJIBOUTI), from September 4, 2006, all travelers can apply for visas on arrival in Djibouti, the need for more than six months validity of passport and air ticket to leave Djibouti 3000 Djibouti local currency can apply for 10 days,Cheap NBA Jerseys, 5000 to apply to stay in local currency in Djibouti 1 month.

is worth noting that, whatever the country, travelers are required to hold return tickets or tickets to a third country and the correct travel documents and sufficient funds to support travel.

transit visa countries / regions:

1. Brunei (BRUNEI): China to Brunei doing pretty well, is the only entry without a visa for China one of the three countries.

2. Burundi (BURUNDI): 24-hour transit visa-free use. 72-hour transit visa $ 10 floor, but said very complicated application procedures, or do not rush to the good.

3 . Hong Kong (HONG KONG): 7 days in transit in Hong Kong people know what planet, I will not say more. Need not be round-trip ticket. But I have been puzzled, and why the Chinese can not be used justifiably to Hong Kong passport? Why?

4. Japan (JAPAN): we may not know take a cruise to Japan, the bar does not require a visa. In addition, Japan’s transit facilitation measures have: 1>, Shore Pass, can stay for 72 hours, mainly to the long transit time for passengers, the way to see Japan’s a small point or can. 2>, Tranist Pass, you can stay three days, to the need to turn the airport transit passengers, such as the need to Narita Haneda transfer, transit, and so on from Osaka to Kobe.

5. Korea (KOREA): Jeju Island, China now has not implemented the policy of the individual tourist visa on arrival. Teams like or can. Of course, if you are still students, congratulations! Participate in study tours to Japan and South Korea within 15 days of travel is visa-free. But note the need for Embassy Oh. South Korea also to Weihai, Yantai and other residents to the privileged immigration measures. In addition, travel by plane to South Korea, if you hold any of the European Economic Community member body (not the EU) or Switzerland and Romania visa, starting from the ground or from South Korea to go, all you can get 30 days of entry permits.

6. Singapore (SINGAPORE): Singapore has a 96 hours visa policy. If you are via Singapore to Australia, Japan, the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom and have a visa to the destination is in the process and return to get visa-free license every 96 hours. Authorities said the policy would be more open. We can safely guess, in 2008, Singapore may be full of Chinese citizens visa -free. Of course. Southeast Asia has been in the competition, Malaysia is not far behind, they introduced a more favorable 120 hours transit visa policy, no restrictions, in addition to the airport of departure and arrival airports must be the same, holding at least $ 500 in cash and are accompanied by airline staff to Immigration counter terms.

7. United Arab Emirates (UAE): spend AED200 .-, and lived in the hotel’s guarantee, you can get 14-day transit visa Oh, for the small desert oasis of 14 days is sufficient the. But requires at least 3 days to apply for the corresponding Without this confirmation, it will be refused entry. Of course, the airline can guarantee to apply 24 hours, 48 hours or 96 hours of transit visa, but need to prove that the onward flight is to take the first possible flight – usually when the airline ticket will be for your attention of.


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