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This report was written Wednesday night by the leaders. On Thursday Mathew took them up to Rumphi where they arrived safe and sound and got settled in. On the way they got to buy personal needs like more blankets, shampoo, soap, towels and whatever else they wanted as Mathew stopped in Mzuzu, the biggest town on the way. They had several bathroom brakes on the way, so it was arround 3PM by the time they reach the site. They started at 6AM. They quickly offloaded the truck while a welcoming committe of kids were singing to them led by Gift and Fazina, the facilitators. It is amazing that they have only been there for 6 weeks and they already registered many kids and have regular classes for registered and not registered kids on a daily base and even had time to prepare a chore for their guests. As you know the unit building is not even built, Gift and Fazina are already operating this Unit from their tents, with only a grass shower and a dug out toilet block on the property. Praise the Lord! The team will have a blast with them! On the same day I had internet connection problems here at the base, so that is why this email is going now, on Friday, early in the morning.
Hello from the base in Malawi! I, Sarah Mazur, am typing you our report for Thursday, seeing as how we will be traveling to northern Malawi all day tomorrow and unable to send this. Due to our lost luggage and gas complications, we did not leave for Northern Malawi yesterday. Instead, we stayed at the base in Chipoka and the Lord willing, plan on heading to our project site tomorrow morning. Heni, one of the staff members here, was able to give us a list of things that needed to be done around the base during our stay. Several boys and our male leader chopped a 40ft tree down for firewood while the females and a few males helped out in the kitchen, peeling various vegetables and peanuts (g-nuts here). The latter part of the day was spent working on loading up the truck with our supplies for the base we are heading to tomorrow. Thankfully, the Lord answers prayers, and tonight we received 13 of our personal and three OBC bags, and still believe the rest will be soon followIt’s beautiful here (no humidity and few mosquitos). It was sunny today, in the mid-70s and a little chillier tonight. Outstanding experience or activity- we were AMAZED to see these small children doing the OC when we first woke up. Not only are the girls doing it in long skirts, but many are doing it bare-foot! I hope all of our kids feel blessed and appreciate everything more when we leave here! Also, it was many of our first times riding in an open-air truck like for several hours after leaving the airport, headed for the base. We loved seeing the nationals waving at us and chasing us with friendly smiles. Malawi really is the warm heart of Africa! We plan on leaving for Tumbuka land early tomorrow morning and after getting settled, start up our project, building the Aids Orphans Rescue Unit. We are also going to begin our group devotions and bible studies. We are hoping to be joined by our other leader, Isaac Harryman, very soon as well! Please let him know we have been praying for him and his travel and are looking forward to him returning to our group! We needed him here tonight to finish the leftover spaghetti- the guy likes his food! Isaiah, one of the team members, especially misses him; we will be happy to see him and our bags here safely this coming week, the Lord willing. PLEASE NOTE: the BKPK Tumbuka team has gone to the bush and the nearest town is 20 kms away. They do not have a vehicle, only two bikes for the facilitators. We have not found an internet cafe in Rumphi, which is the nearest reachable small town, so they are locked away from civilization to send email reports out. They will whenever possible I am sure. They are coming back to the base after their sightseeing on August 3rd.
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