Progressive REPORT on the 20July Malawi Demonstrations 12:30PM


Its Just a Few minutes after 12 noon.  Please find below the latest updates on the 20th July Malawi Protests….


Later the situation turned violent. Violence has spread across Lilongwe. Vehicles have been burned. Many people are marching to town . Unconfirmed reports one person is dead. One person has been arrested.  Chiza Mbekeani is being accused for seeking the court injunction after the police had already accepted the peaceful demonstration. He is responsible for casing the violence. Howeverm demonstrations are spreading fast to Chinsapo, Chilinde and Mulli’s business premises is reported to be of fire.


Police were at one time over powered. Demonstrators have ransacked the office of DDP.  DDP car has been burned. People along the road to Karonga are throwing stones. Things are getting worse in Mzuzu.


More and more people are joining the demonstration. There are  a lot of people wearing red colors. However the leaders are talking to the Police. The police in Blantyre are professional because they are talking to leaders not the masses. No violence scenes in Blantyre. The Malawi Law Society is now challenging their own fellow member lawyer who accepted to get an injunction against the demonstrations after the police had approved them.


No incidence


Students of Chancellor college joined the demonstrations. However, the students have returned to college. Now the venue has changed to Chancellor college.


Bingu is crying for economic bail out while at the same time blaming the IMF for bad economic policies. How could he get a bail out without the involvement of the IMF.  Now Bingu’s  speech has been interrupted by power failure as there is no electricity at State House. This is one of the issues that has prompted the demonstrators to demonstrate. Instead of explain how Bingu wants to solve the challenges being faced by citizens; he is talking about success and delivery.


The demonstrations have turned violent because of Chiza Mbekeani and the Police. More and more people are flocking to the cities to join the demonstrators. However John Tembo has not yet joined the Lilongwe demonstrations. He says it is still too early.

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