Ramadan vs 17th August demonstration in Malawi


Unlike Christianity, Islam requires its members to sacrifice by not taking food for twelve hours a day for one full month, until the moon is sighted. The only time the sacrifice is broken is when a Muslim is travelling on a distance more than 70kms. Faith without sacrifice and helping the less privileged is useless.  Self gratification is common among Christians. However, that is a useless faith. A true Christian must feel for others, the sick, hungry and lame. This is the way Jesus Christ practiced his faith. He went around and fed the hungry, healed the sick and taught the Good News. Unless, true followers of Jesus practice what the master teacher taught, the whole effort is worthless. The other day, President Bingu wa Mutharika made a public appeal to citizens not to demonstrate during the Ramadan period to avoid disrupting the observation. That was wrong. If anything the best time for a Moslem to sacrifice for others is during Ramadan. True martyrdom is during the Ramadan month. Rather the President was asking the Moslems to think about sacrificing more than what they usually do. In fact, sacrificing a religious matter and the only competent people to advise on what to do or not is the responsibility of Sheiks and Imams not a politician who is a non believer in the Islamic faith. Whoever advised Bingu to make the public appeal misled him. It is not his business to interfere in religious issues. In recent months the behavior of the President has been embarrassing to the citizens who once held his name in high esteem. Whether the problem is to with age or not, he is giving wrong precedents for some misguided young people to think of becoming presidents of the republic. Should we say that all old people do not think consistently? And do we say because America and Britain has youngish presidents then every Youngman can become a president. That is known as deductive logic and its wrong to assume that because a goat has four legs therefore all four legged animals are goats. How about cows, sheep, pigs etc are they goats. The issue should not be only young age but achievements. It is wrong to take careerism into politics. The question is when we talk about young age are we taking about children of chiefs, former presidents or cabinet ministers? This question should be answered after evaluating personal achievements.



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