Pic courtesy of "building futures in malawi" www.buildingfuturesinmalawi.co.uk

There is something very unique, and very special about individuals who are willing to dedicate their lives and volunteer in a foreign country to help individuals who are in need. The truth of the matter is not everyone, not even people with the biggest hearts in the world are willing to move to a different country and volunteer to help people who are in desperate need of help. I know some friends who made the decision to go and to start Volunteering Malawi style. They said that the work was extremely difficult, and that it took a toll on them physically, but more than anything it took a toll on them mentally. They said though that they learn so much about the world, and about themselves just because they were in a position where they could see the world through the eyes of other individuals who live in a situation that was less fortunate than the situation that they were in.

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