People Can Live Well And Long By Drinking Dragon Well tea


Product as a “gift to create the first Chinese green tea,” take the high road of green tea gifts, and according to the origin of the environment and climate, the introduction of the bat caves, diamonds, platinum, gold and other four series, according to the regularity and taste of leaves, separation of the Samsung, four-star, five-star level and so on. Had used “smile Hall Tea Product, patches of a merchants ‘and’ montane cloud a good green tea,” the advertisement. Though the appearance of this tea is not so perfect, the pre-Grain Rain Dragon Well tea leaves are very intact.
Tianfu Group in mainland China’s direct chain of up to 765 head office, where a number of overseas stores (stores in Vancouver, Canada). In addition, chain stores in various cities of the mainland distribution, stores and consumers to accelerate the transmission of information between, Tin Fuk rapid replacement of new products, making other companies only as a follower. As a saying goes that Yuqian Xihu Dragon Well tea is the top grade and Mingqian Xihu china tea sets likes treasure.
Producing green tea in many countries, India, China, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Indonesia Five green tea production and export volume accounted for about 80% of the world’s total in the world, green tea plays an important role on the altar. Followed by Africa, Kenya and Malawi. Looking back 20 centuries, green tea industry in different countries experienced different development path. Except the tea called the West Lake Xihu Dragon Well tea grown in the West Lake producing area of 168 square km, the tea produced in the other two cities are generally referred to as Zhejiang Xihu Dragon Well tea .
Currently, the world’s soft drinks market is highly competitive, faced with green tea drink coffee, carbonated drinks, juice drinks, functional beverages challenges. Coffee’s annual sales volume of 4.2 million tons or more, only the U.S. annual consumption of more than one million. Coke’s annual trade volume of 18.831 billion U.S. dollars in China, its market share accounted for more than 30%, becoming the largest consumer beverage, while green tea is only $ 2.5 billion annual trade, with economic development, world food structure From the 1950s onwards, the total energy change to be considered to improve nutrition, contemporary food and beverage requirements can be summarized as follows: Experts say that, the taste of the Xihu Dragon Well tea “group ”listed later is better than Longjing tea 43.
Asia, Malawi 100%, Japan 78.3%, 55% of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, 30%, while China is only 17%. Those grey or dark Xihu Dragon Well tea leaves are not qualified. From the famous green tea bulk green tea and looking at the proportion, famous green tea in 1997 accounted for 11.3% of total production.

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