Malawi’s Vice-President Joyce Banda on Sunday led Anglicans at the Saint Matthews Anglican Church [Chichiri, Blantyre] in a Big Fund-raising paper Sunday where the church raised K2.6 million (about $15,556).

Speaking before the fundraising, Banda appealed to Malawians that although the country is going through big financial restraints, it is the responsibilities of religious groups to work together.

“It is not a secret, the country is going through a bad economic period, but it is everybody’s responsibility to make sure developmental projects are also taking place in our various religious institutions.

“Giving is my ministry since I visited T.B. Joshua in April this year and we should not hinder God’s blessing by not giving. God said, ‘Give and it shall be given to you.’ Let’s give so that God in turn gives to us”, said Banda during her brief message.

She then donated K500,000 (about $2994) towards the building of the new church.

Projects chairperson Oswin Kasunda briefed the VP about the project when she was taken around the project.

Banda then pledged to continue supporting the project until it finishes.

She diverted from her spiritual message saying whether one likes it or not she is still the Vice-President of the country because it was Malawians that ushered her into office.

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