Remarks by Minister of Lands and Housing that MCP does not feel comfortable with new members who did not go through the gule wamkulu cult initiation have drawn the wrath of the party and chiefs.

Last week when he resigned from MCP to join People’s Party Mr. Phoya alleged that the party only respects central region members who are gulewamkulu graduates.

Phoya: DPP has lost popurality and MCP never welcomed me

But reacting to this, a group of MCP officials led by Regional Chairman for the centre, Mr. Daniel Mlomo said what Mr. Phoya said was unfortunate.

“We are shocked with this. MCP is a national party and what Mr. Phoya said is a blatant lie. He should not mix issues of culture and politics,” said Mlomo.

Chief Lukwa of Kasungu who is also coordinator of the Chewa Heritage has also condemned Mr. Phoya.

“Gule wamkulu is a ritual for the Chewa people and should not be mixed with politics,” cautioned Lukwa.

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