Senior Traditional Chief Kalonga of Karonga on Tuesday accused some police officers of not respecting roles of community policing structures in the northern region.

“This development is greatly affecting reduction

Traditional leaders from Karonga

of crime in the region’, said senior Chief Kalonga

The Chief, who heads Regional Executive Committee of community policing in the north, said there is need for cordial relationship between the two policing structures if the fight against crime is to be achieved.

Commissioner of Police for the north, Mr. Wilson Matinga said the police wil revamp all community policing structures which have been inactive for sometime in the region.

“With these plans, Malawi Police Service will become more active and effective not only in the region but the country as a whole,” said Commissioner Matinga.

Meanwhile, community policing wings in the region held elections in Mzuzu on Monday, drawing together some northern region based Senior Chiefs, Senior Police Officers and Heads of Community Policing structures.

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