Malawi vs. Zambia – WHAT A COINCIDENCE…


1.    Both Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and Dr. Kamuzu Banda were longest serving President’s of both countries and their roots are somehow not traced from Zambia and Malawi, respectively. Both Kaunda and Kamuzu, having a common slogan of“Wamuyaya” (Forever), had something to carry in their hands as a symbol of Authority.
Zambia's Sata with Madam Joyce Banda
2.    FTJ Chiluba, born in 1943, took over from Kenneth Kaunda and Bakili Muluzi,born in 1943, took over from Kamuzu Banda. Both Chiluba and Muluzi went on to seek a 3rd term of office but failed after extreme opposition to both bids.
3.     FTJ Chiluba brought in Levy Mwanawasa and campaigned for him single handedly; Bakili Muluzi brought in Bingu wa Mutharika and campaigned for him single handedly
4.    Both Mwanawasa and Mutharika won those elections.
5.    Shortly after being elected as President, Mwanawasa fell out favour with Chiluba and dragged him to court over corruption; shortly after being elected as President, Mutharika fell out favour with Muluzi. The new Malawian President took his predecessor to court over corruption.
6.    Now it gets interesting – Chiluba was prosecuted by the Mwanawasa administration and Muluzi was prosecuted by theMutharika Administration.
7    Mwanawasa won a 2nd Term of office; Mutharikha won a 2nd Term of office. Mwanawasa chose Rupiah Banda as Vice President, Mutharika chose Joyce Banda as Vice President.
8.    Mwanawasa died in his 2nd term of Office due to Cardiac Arrest, Mutharika died in his 2nd term of Office due to Cardiac Arrest (both deaths were predicted by TB Joshua)
9.    Rupiah Banda took over from Levy Mwanawasa due to death of incumbent; Joyce Banda has taken over from Bingu wa Mutharika due to death of incumbent.The people who took over from the dead Presidents in both countries are named“Banda”!
10.  After 3yrs, President Banda in Zambia lost to veteran opposition leader Michael SataJoyce Banda who has taken over the Presidency will face election in 2014 which will make her serve 3 yrs; will she lose to veteran John Tembo??
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