Sudan has called on Zimbabwe to mediate in its dispute with South Sudan.

The Hassan Omar Bashir government accuses other African countries of bias.
Former South African President Thabo Mbeki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi have been mediating in talks to end fighting between the two neighbours.

In a controversial position

But Sudanese ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Elsidiegdieg Abdalla, Tuesday said the African Union (AU) and not the United Nations (UN) must lead the talks.

He said the AU must exhaust all channels of resolving conflicts between member states before referring them to the UN.

“Zimbabwe is one of the few countries, which have embassies in both countries,” he said. “They also have no interest in the matter.”

Mr Abdalla claimed other African countries had taken sides in the dispute, singling out Uganda, which he said openly supported South Sudan.

“Zimbabwe is also a member of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union,” he told state media.
Outstanding issues

He accused Juba of negotiating in bad faith to perpetuate the fighting.
“We have been fighting for the last 60 years. If we continue, all we will be doing is destroying our countries,” Mr Abdalla said.

Last month, South Sudanese parliamentary delegation asked Zimbabwe to help the new state resolve outstanding issues with Sudan.

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