Pressure is mounting on the Joyce Banda administration to address the current security lapses as citizens continue to be murdered and millions of property being stolen.

The latest to demand solutions on the ongoing insecurity across the country is the leadership of the Peoples Progressive Movement.

In a statement on the current state of affairs, PPM president Mark Katsonga Phiri describes the cabinet, as a group of opportunists, for allegedly failing to guarantee security on Malawians.

The PPM leader further states that the strength in the 2014 presidential contest is not in the current cabinet, because most of those in cabinet today, are just fortune seekers.

President Joyce Banda admitted, early this month, that there is security lapse in the country, but attributed it to “jealousy opponents” who want to tarnish her government’s image.

She however assured Malawians of safety, and warned the opponents “sent to tarnish my government’s image” against “terrorizing innocent Malawians”.

Katsonga has emerged as one of the critics of the current administration, having tackled a number of critical issues the government has been involved in.

These include the issue of section 65, national budget and political statements by the president and members of the cabinet.

PPM is among opposition political parties that former a grouping aimed at challenging the DPP government in 2014, before president Bingu wa Mutharika had died.

No member of PPM is included in the current Cabinet.

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