Reliance on political opportunists is contributing to a monotonous style of running of the government, opposition People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) president Mark Katsonga-Phiri has said.

Katsonga-Phiri, who was commenting on the county’s current political goings-o ns , said it is high time over-recycled politicians were abandoned in favour of new vibrant politicians to form a strong government.

“Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda formed a strong government in 1964 with a new team; even himself had no experience in the running of the government. Bakili Muluzi (too), formed a strong government with a new team in majority.

“Malawians have , therefore, a choice to leave this country in the hands of people who will take us nowhere or vote into the government people who will take this country forward. Our fate is in our hands,” said Katsonga- Phiri, adding that is the politics western countries are practising now.

On whether the country still have possible strong presidential contenders in the forthcoming 2014 general elections, Katsonga- Phiri warned people against entrusting current leaders with the government again.

“I can only advise Malawians to stop focusing their attention on people in the current and recent past cabinet as most of them are opportunists.

“The people who can make a positive difference in the lives of Malawians are not in cabinet today, otherwise Malawi couldn’t be in the current predicament if we had strong people in cabinet,” he argued.

He said his comments should not be seen as a sign of bitterness for being left out of the cabinet by President Joyce Banda.

“It was her prerogative. She preferred to work with the very people who let her predecessor down and the very people who were castigating her, leaving out her own party members who assisted her build People’s Party,” he said.

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