Principal of the Bunda college of Agriculture Professor Moses Kwapata has refused to resign from his position arguing that students have no grounds to force him to quit and that accusations leveled against him are not true.

Students at the college on Thursday last week staged a strike to force him out of his office, accusing him of incompetence and dictatorial tendencies.

The students are also against the decision to delink the college from the University of Malawi to the newly introduced Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

But Kwapata said:“I have done nothing wrong as far as am concerned, unless if they have to bring up enough evidence.”

He also advised the students to use proper channels to address the concerns saying on their own they have no grounds to force him to resign

“If they have issues with me they should refer them to the council. And the council is one to determine whether I should resign or not, but not the students,” Kwapata said.

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