President Joyce Banda has appointed new commissioners for the Malawi Human Rights Commission MHRC, three months after the expiry of contracts of formers commissioners led by the outspoken John Kapito.

According a statement from OPC, the new commissioners are Mr. Dalitso Kubalasa Executive Director for the Malawi Economic Justice Network, Mr. Benedicto Kondowe of the Civil Society Education Coalition, Mr. Rodgers Newa of Centre for Children Affairs, Mr. Steven Mkoka, Mrs. Sopphie Kalinde, Mr. Marshal Chilenga and Reverend Zac Kawalala.

From the group the members will among themselves elect a Commissioner to be overseeing the activities of MHRC.

One of the commissioners, quality education activist Mr. Benedicto Kondowe told the media that the appointment is a boost in his activism.

“This (the appointment) will in no way jeopardize my job, take an example of the former MHRC Chairperson John Kapito he was chair and continued with his fight for consumer rights at CAMA,” said Kondowe.

The commissioners were sworn in on Wednesday, August 9.

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