NGO Development Aid from People to People, DAPP, plans to move people to construct 3200 pit latrines in three traditional authority areas in Chikhwawa District with the aim of improving sanitation and health.

DAPP Country Director Mrs Lisbeth Thomson said in an interview that the two year sanitation and health project will be implemented in the areas of Chapananga, Ndakwera and Katunga traditional authorities. DAPP to enforce construction of 3200 pit latrines in Chikhwawa district

Mrs Thomson said she is optimistic that the project, which will run concurrently with another task on women empowerment, will assist to address poor sanitation practices in schools and communities.

“Most areas lack knowledge on use of latrines; this exposes them to diseases like diarrhea and cholera. We feel the project will prevent common diseases by encouraging people to have toilets and use them,” said Mrs Thomson.

She said 178 villages will be targeted where 40 community based organizations will be trained in sanitation and how to construct modern pit latrines.

The country director added that the youth will also be imparted with skills in carrying out a house-to-house sensitization campaign on the advantages of using toilets.

That aside, Mrs Thomson said DAPP will empower 5250 female farmers with skills and income to run small scale businesses for them to live a healthy and productive life.

Chikhwawa Director of Planning and Development, Mr Kelvin Harawa said the DAPP project will complement already existing efforts through a Water for People district project on hygiene which has seen all the villages in traditional authorities Kasisi and Katunga having toilets.

“We are trying our best to discourage open defecation in various areas to prevent diseases,” said Mr. Harawa

Poor hygiene and lack of sanitation are described as the major cause of waterborne diseases in Malawi.

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