Attorney General Ralph Kasambara has challenged an application by embattled Clerk of Parliament Mrs. Maltilda Katopola asking the Industrial Relations Court to declare that the Malawi government constructively fired her.

Mrs. Kapotola asked the court to order her employer to pay her all her terminal benefits and severance pay.

“My client was employed in 2006 and in May this year she was sent on forced leave pending her removal, “said Mrs. Mercy Mulele, lawyer for Mrs. Katopola

Mrs. Mulele told the court that among other things, Mrs. Katopola is complaining of unfair labor practices by her employer, the government.

Dr. Zolomphi Nkowani, who is representing the office of the Attorney General said the office has quashed the claims by Mrs. Katopola in its entirety.

“The attorney general has made a counter claim on the same, because the applicant (Mrs. Katopola) absconded duty for no good reason,” said Dr. Nkowani.

Dr. Nkowani said in fact the office of Attorney General is claiming for damages due to non-reporting for duties and asked the court to dismiss the application by Mrs. Katopola and declare that Mrs. Katopola absconded for duties.

Later Assistant Registrar at Industrial Relations Court, Brian Katimba adjourned the case to a later date to be agreed upon by all concerned parties for a full trial.

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