Having shared the musical stages with some of the global mega music stars including the celebrated R. Kelly, JK (Jordan Katembula) is set to add that with some blazing musical beach buzz alongside Malawi’s successful outfit, Black Missionaries.

At the Mangochi beach east of the second capital of Lilongwe, JK and his good ole’ pal, Dalisoul (Mwana Wa Mukomboni) is expected to stage the bash tentatively billed for next month.

Official reports in Lilongwe have indicated that JK and Dalisoul will also proceed to Blantyre for some freshly gigs in the country’s business capital city.

Excited about the whole extravaganza is Malawi-based Zambian Dj Saxon, who also confirmed the annual bash that will be characterised with performances from the likes of Lucius Banda and Wendy Harawa, Malawi’s hottest music celebrities.

Word around Lilongwe is spreading like wild fire on the show, which will be staged at the Nkopola beach lodge south of the Lake Malawi as most tourists are geared for some sunny sandy show.

In an interview with Saxon, arguably one of the most successful “jaw-breakers” in the eastern neighbours, the show is annually held to show-case the abundant talent in the region.

With numerous top-selling albums and run-away awards to his credit, JK returns to Malawi exactly a year and five months since his stunning bash with the Botswana-based Makirikiri outfit at Mungo Park.
His collaboration with R. Kelly during the One8 Project that brought some of the most successful African music moguls including Congo DR’s self-acclaimed “champion of love”, maybe one of the yard-sticks JK has been using to expose his fame, but in a nutshell, the boy is simply making it real big!

His “Akapilipili” (a duet with cute Salma) and “Nafikilisha” songs are on the lips of every Malawian music freak and his return to Malawi may just trigger some fresh Zambian buzz that is currently making some vibrations in the “land of the sunshine”.

Dalisoul? Well, the lanky singer and his Jerabo dancers have been all over the local stages, even crossing the borders in Namibia where they have been iced with all accolades, but his going to Malawi may just make the “Musunge Mushe” (ATM) singer another revelation in Malawi music circles.

For Malawian music buffs, JK and Dalisoul’s collaborated song of “Chipyango” may certainly be the right stage to unveil their hit song that came barely four years after Dalisoul and Shyman’s other foot-stomping song titled “Shansha”, remember?

In Lusaka, excited about the whole fun, both JK and Dalisoul said they are “game” for the beach fiesta as soon as the contracts are signed, sealed and delivered!

Meanwhile, Dj Saxon said the recent Mampi fiasco that characterised the Zambian diva’s recent show in Malawi was regrettable.

After some successful show in Lilongwe, Mampi was allegedly “dumped” by her host, who walked out on her after an unsuccessful show in Blantyre, with some screaming headlines in the Malawian press claiming the “Swilililili” singer was “stranded and detained” in that country.

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