Airtel Malawi Call Center agent Tech Mahindra has started to recall recruits who were slavery used and dumped, a week after Face of Malawi published an article on the company’s abuse of poor Malawians.

One of those recalled who spoke on strict condition of anonymity said they have been told to report for duties on October 1.

‘I received a call from Tech Mahindra’s Human Resource Manager Pilirani Mendulo who asked me how I feel for the company’s training that took us a whole 2 months.

How I feel for the company’s treatment of its workers and if I will be comfortable to work for them before I was told to report for duties on October 1,” said the source.

Asked if she has accepted the offer, the source said, “I have no choice since I had to resign where I was working for the training but when Tech Mahindra abandoned us, I had nowhere to work. Yes, I had no choice.”

While concurring with the first source, another one said she has rejected the offer.

“I feel they are playing games with us, they want to silence our poor voices because the way Mendulo asked us on the phone, it seems they are there for something sinister,” the source said.

She said they might be recruited on a three months probation.

“Again, this is not what we agreed during the training because we were told that recruitment will be based on our performance and its amazing that they would want to takes on probation, why?” she asked.

She added, “I told them I have lost trust with the way they treat employees. Just imagine, last month they fired about 48 employees and last week they also fired 15, is their gesture to us genuine? I think they just want to recruit and abandon us so that they should claim that we were incompetent.” Some of the employees that were fired last month are being recalled too on a 15 days contract and that’s inhuman, she added

The recalling comes at a time when the recruits were planning to take legal action against the company.

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