The World Bank has clarified that it remains in strong support of Malawi connecting to the regional power pool as a feasible means of dealing with power shortages.

An impression may have been created by a story that appeared in the Malawi News of September 15-21, 2012 and subsequently also in other international media suggesting that the bank no longer supported power interconnection.

In the particular case of Malawi, there was a power interconnection deal which was cancelled when the time frame within which it should have been signed elapsed.

The bank says it is following with interest the discussions between Mozambique and Malawi, however, it is premature for the bank to comment on anything on the matter until such a time that the two governments reach an agreement and the bank is approached officially for support.

The bank has clarified that should the bank be approached and a deal is negotiated, this would be a totally new deal and should not be confused with the deal that was previously cancelled.

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