United Democratic Front (UDF) has been warned that the on-going squabbles in the party will reduce its chances in the 2014 general elections.

The former ruling party, 1994 to 2005, is in deep trouble after the party’s politburo got divided into two factions amid a power struggle.

Political analyst Dr. Mustafa Hussein warned the party on Wednesday September 26, 2012 in reaction to the current wrangles in which the two factions are disagreeing on calls to hold a convention.

“Generally, people wouldn’t want to be associated with a party whose leaders are rocked in endlessly squabbles. And, honestly, I think what is happening within the UDF is going to be costly to the party,” the political analyst said.

According to the political analyst, one way of ending the fight within UDF is to hold a credible national conference.

“Of course, right now we hear that there are plans to hold a convention, but unfortunately, there are also indications that another faction within the party is against the convention. Another option would be to overhaul the entire UDF leaders,” Dr. Hussein said.

One UDF faction is geared to hold a convention on October 31 but the Friday Jumbe faction has maintained that the indaba is useless because peace talks have not been concluded.

“Why holding a national convention when everybody knows that we’re divided. I think the best thing to do is to mend fences first before going to a convention,’ said. Mr. Jumbe

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